LIRA| Smart single hole bathroom faucet with motion sensor and digital display faucet


The LIRA Bathroom Faucet is a cutting-edge addition to your bathroom, combining style, convenience, and innovation. Here’s a detailed description of this unique faucet:

  • Digital Display and Motion Sensor:

    • The LIRA faucet features an integrated digital display, providing real-time water temperature information.
    • Activate the water flow effortlessly with the motion sensor—no need to touch the handle.
  • Single Hole Design:

    • The single-hole installation ensures a sleek and clutter-free appearance.
    • Ideal for modern bathrooms seeking a minimalist aesthetic.
  • High-Quality Construction:

    • Crafted from durable materials, the LIRA faucet is built to last.
    • The brass body resists corrosion and maintains a luxurious finish.
  • Temperature Control:

    • Adjust the water temperature precisely using the single lever handle.
    • The digital display enhances accuracy and convenience.
  • Luxury Meets Technology: The LIRA Bathroom Faucet—where elegance and smart features converge.


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