Circle|Smart LED Bathroom Mirror Built-in TV screen Android Wi-Fi Bluetooth Intelligent bathroom mirror

Early Year Discount

Transform your bathroom space to futuristic oasis with CIRCLE intelligent LED lighted fog free bathroom mirror. Circle more than just a mirror this bathroom mirror has touch screen with many features allow you to play Music, watch YouTube videos and downloads many apps with its direct Wi-Fi connectivity and Android compatibility .


  • Built-in TV Screen and Speakers 
  • Direct Wi-Fi Connectivity 
  • Access to many Apps like YouTube,Spotify,ESPN,Twitter,IG and many more
  • Calendar , weather , daily news and traffic 
  • Health watcher feature comes with weight scale and skin tester
  • Stepless Dimmable LED LIGHT with touch screen Turn On/Off switch
  • IP65 Fully Waterproof 
  • Anti -Oxidation technology No black spots.
  • Android  OS and OTA

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